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it is moving from south to north. that is the mild flow keeping the temperatures in the 40's and 50's. dumbarton bridge, there is wet weather there, all the way to skyline boulevard, a possibility of sprinkles. at sea ranch we have best radar return in the northwest corner of sonoma county. that airport is the only reporting station with wet weather. temperatures with increasing rain chances and cooler and mid-50's to mid-60's. sue? >> we go to san francisco fire crews still out between oak street between octavia and goth with a fire there so avoid that area with fire crews on the scene. otherwise, we have only road work at dumbarton bridge eastbound until 6:00 this morning. we do not see slowing to the newark area. and san jose, northbound 280 road work, there is a sand
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barrel they are repairing until 7:30 this morning so the on-ramp is closed. >> new this morning the oakland city council has voted to hire the former top cop of los angeles and new york as a police consultant. last night the city council listened to public comment and debated until 2:30 this morning before kidding to hire bill bratton known for zero tolerance strategy including the stop and frisk policy. opponents say that gives officers too much discretion and leads to racial profiling. bratton helped bring crime down in los angeles and will help the city of oakland. our news reporter will have a live report with much more on the heated hearing last night in 30 minutes. >> the council approved another crime-fighting measure to bring in outside help to oakland. all on the council approved to bring in the alameda county sheriff deputy to patrol the streets, helping the oakland
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police with duties do -- two days a week. oakland police opposed this but leaders say something has to be done about crime. >> members from the 129th rescue wing in mountain view are headed to afghanistan for four months. final deployment preparations are underway at 10:30. the national guard does not know the exact departure time. 75 citizen airmen from all over the bay area leave to help with search-and-rescue support for operation enduring freedom and the horn africa. >> the contra costa will hold the final meeting to discuss closing of fire stations in the east bay. three fire stations in the district were shut down last week, with two more stations reduced to part-time staffing. voters reject add property tax measure to keep the fire stations open.
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tonight, the meeting is in clayton at the community library starting at 7:00 p.m. >> hillary clinton will testify on capitol hill about benghazi in an hour from now. she will appear before two congressional panels today to answer questions about the september attack on the consulate in benghazi. congressional republicans have accused the obama administration of ignoring signs of deteriorating security in libya. four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador chris stevens from the bay area. we will have more in a live report next half hour. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton has paid east debt finally from the 2008 presidential rain. she made the final payment of $73,000 to a political advisor on december 31, the last of the campaign debt of $12 million. since she faced fundraising restrictions as secretary of state her husband, former president bill clinton, did a lost fundraising for her.
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>> good news and bad news for football fans who want tickets to see the super bowl in the big easy. the good news? ticket prices are cheaper than a year ago this time. the bad news? you will need a second mortgage to buy them. cornell? >> will. 49er stayed taking shape behind me and some fans, will, they are taking to desperate measures to get their way to the super bowl in new orleans. it is possible that it will cost you big time. this week, 49 season ticket holders find out if they are one of the lucky ones to win the lottery if a chance to buy tickets at face value $950 each. for fans who did not get picked they find tickets are too prissy at $2,000 each. gentleman won -- joe won a chane
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and he was there when the 49ers played their first super bowl. >> at that time i was $4. this time it costs $950. it doesn't matter if it is $10,000, i'm going to the super bowl. >> i would go in a heartbeat if i was selected. >> we did a quick search online and found lots of tickets if money is no object the average price is $2,100, and $27,000 for a seat on the 50 yard line. a suite at 400 level...$420,000. love the 49ers and love to be at the super bowl but i would rather buy a house for that. >> abc7 will follow the 49ers in new orleans for the big game, the sports directors and a super
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bowl ring holder will report. >> is there an abc7 suite? >> you wish. >> if you want did buy one, we will gin you. >> we can dream on. dreaming about a little rain. dream no more. what mike has been talking about has come true. >> turn off the aerosmith record, the rain is here. no dreaming. in the south bay and they ride up the bayshore line and the heavier radar returns are offshore for the most part and are headed to mendocino county so a few sprinkles are possible. it is a "spare the air" day the eighth of the winter season. the not bay is supposed to have the poorest air quality today and the area most likely to see rain first because it sticks out further to the west where the rain is coming in. sprinkles for the morning commute and mild temperatures,
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and low-to-upper 40's at 7:00 and we will be in the low-to-mid 50's with more rain developing by noon and into the afternoon hours where we will top out in the upper 50's and this will translate over to light showers as we head through the evening and overnight hours but, still, mild, and the upper 40's to mid-50's for 7:00, with left over showers, cooler tomorrow, and a brief break on friday and the pa eastern changes when the next storm system comes in from alaska with cool showers possible on saturday and mid-to-upper 50's. have a good one. sue? >> pretty quiet. so far so good. you could get the wave on wednesday morning. the east shore freeway through berkeley to emeryville, it is busy but moving at the limit. when you funnel into the bay bridge toll plaza, as you can see it is very light, and tow truck action on the right-hand shoulder and traffic is getting by just fine. no delays as you make your wayen at -- your way on the upper
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deck. all transit is off to a great start. it is a "spare the air" day so that is a way to do your part. road work on the venetian bridge with slowing moving into northbound direction. now some of the busy drive times, it is looking good toward 680 on 580, highway 4 out of antioch and the east shore freeway less than 20 minutes to the macarthur maze. kristen and eric? >> more tough talk from the chief of the n.r.a., and the message to president obama over the controversial gun control proposal. >> the not bay police department facing a historic staffing shortage. how much longer before backup arrives? but first america's money report. >> good morning. topping america's money, flying high on wall street. both the dow and the s&p 500 have hit five year highs the
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best since the financial crisis. they were helped by strong earnings report and signs of a deal on the debt limit but not is good for middle class workers all over the world, millions of the jobs have disappeared and millions more are likely to go. most of the jobs that are added are low-paying jobs. the city apartment of the future: microunits intended for singles and couples in as little as 250 square feet. construction will start soon in new york city on a pilot project. the super bowl chicken wings will be more expensive this year and harder to get. animal prices soared
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>> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday only at 5:13. now a live look outside on the embarcardero, and this is a ferry building in red and gold. >> and atlanta city hall, too. >> we have sprinkles this morning and possibly during your morning commute and heavy rain is possible later this afternoon. >> vallejo police are racing to hire new officers before retirements reduce the size of the force to 1970's level down
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to 87 officers, although the city has enough money to 98 cops. the force is ready to hire three former vallejo police cadets but six current officers will retire by may and that will drop the number of officers to 84th lowest since 1973. the number of officers was at height in 2008 at 143 before the recession forced the city into bankruptcy. >> forecasters expect a deadly cold front to grip the midwest and east coast into this weekend. wind chill readings dropped to 30 below in minnesota, the cold being blamed if throw deaths. ice and white out caused three major chain reaction pileups in ohio and a 12-year-old died in this 86-vehicle wreck near cincinnati. 20 others were hurt. schools closed in some areas because of icy roads and subderow conditions. cold and dangerous. >> worst feeling in the road
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when your car is sliding. >> 5:15. >> we have a little sprinkle? >> hardly anything right now. as we head through the morning to the afternoon you will need the wet weather gear. no need for the ice scraper. the temperature is very mild. the clouds kept us up occurring the overnight hours and no need to worry about frost. i noticed my heater did not run so much overnight which was nice. looking down from mount tamalpais, and san francisco you can see the moisture hanging in the air over san francisco. live doppler 7 hd shows here daly city, a last radar return as the moisture is falling apart as it slides up the coast and the peninsula. to the north you can see around sea ranch, annapolis road headed north, that is where the best
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radar run is right now. so far, nothing is reaching the ground around the reporting station but early today the sonoma county airport early this morning had a reach there. the big story other than the chance of rain as we head through today, four degrees warmer in antioch and san francisco, to 17 degrees warmer in napa. it is a change when you step outside this morning. temperatures in the mid-40's in santa rosa, fairfield, concord, upper 40's to low 50's elsewhere, and the monterey bay, here's the newest temperatures, upper 40's to low 50's and the cool spot at 44 degrees. rain develops and cooler conditions today and scattered showers tonight through thursday and cooler scattered showers saturday, sunday and monday. it will be chilly with a chance of rain. check out this huge system developing and trapping the miscellaneous, we will get a healthy amount of rain. we will get up to three quarters
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of an inch at the highest elevations and along the coast. you can see the rain developing steady headed to lunch hour and into the afternoon hours and when the evening commute is ending at 7:00 or 8:00, it will be scattered showers through thursday morning and light scattered sures are possible on thursday. headed into friday we will get a break with temperatures in the mid-50's to 60 and the second system comes down great alaska and we are in the mid-50's over the weekend with possible mountain snow in the highest peaks above 4,000'. >> the bay bridge had road work that got a late pickup and crews are just now trying to get the lanes re-opened. you can see traffic is moving nicely on upper deck. they were testing the light sculpture we have talked about. the lights are off but the traffic is trying to get by with the lane closures.
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there are no delays. at the toll plaza behind the upper deck it is moving nicely. no problems at this hour for the commute. from antioch starting to bunch up. you can see the yellow sensors moving westbound to pittsburg. from the central valley, start telling slow up, reaching 38 miles per hour. it is picking up over the altamont pass and looking good in dublin area and pleasanton. highway one, road work if you headed out there, until 7:00 this morning. >> an official at the myself rifle association is criticize ing president obama's reference to absolutism in his inauguration speech with n.r.a. vice president saying the president was attacking supporters of 2nd amendment and took issue with a phrase at the end of the president's
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speech when he said "we cannot mistake absolutism for principles." those are principles we call inalienable rights. without those absolutes, without those protections, democracy decays into nothing more than two wolves and one almost voting on who to eat for lunch." >> he made the comments in reno before a hunting and wildlife conservation group. safety experts report back on the troubled boeing 787 dreamliner batteries and what they found after extensive testing. >> did she or didn't she? the lip syncing claim has beyonce defending her appearance before president obama's nothingation. >> i cannot smileout him, today on caught, barry manilow, now i
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get to sit at the piano with this master of pop. some of the commercial songs from before the big break will be performed. you will be surprised how many he has written later today
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>> good wednesday morning. 5:23. new this morning, we are learning the results of just concluded investigations into
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boeing 787 dreamliner. japan transport agency said it is new ruling out overcharging as the cause of overheating of the battery during a flight early in the month. officials say the flight data recorder shows main battery did not exceed the maximum voltage. 787's remain grounded as they try to figure out what is cause the electrical problems. >> warning for anyone who gets outside help with filing taxes. >> if someone is handling your tax run, make sure they know what they are doing. they are in longer regulated. hundreds of throughs preparers are in honker have to register with the federal government or passion tests. low income households could be vulnerable to dishonest preparer whose promise large refunds. lowe's is looking for 45,000 seasonal workers and adding
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9,000 permanent employees. investors are not feeling too bad with a five year high on the dow after earnings from mcdonald's, google, regarding the debt ceiling. papa john is offering a free large pizza to customers who correctly call the coin toss for the game, which is the biggest sales day of the year, the chicken counsel says 1.2 billion wing portions will be eaten over the super bowl weekend. >> now 5:24 on this wednesday morning. good news as you head outside, not as chilly as it has been in the morning. >> also news, and i am just curious why we have "spare the air" and sprinkles of rain today? >> it was interesting. i thought the same thing when they issued the spare spay day -- they issued the "spare the air" day, but the cold air could
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be locked in the valley and they are afraid the air will not vent if you have a fire it could create issues. no one burning wood today, mid-50's to low 60's with rain to the north, showers to the south and you can see the steady rain to the north right now and showers to our south where it will be in the low-to-upper 70's around san diego and los angeles and palm springs. >> we have word of a bart delay because of track maintenance at the fremont and dublin/pleasanton direction so it is a ten-minute delay. otherwise, muni and caltrain and no other mass transit delays at this hour. we have an accident off the road in los altos, southbound 280 with a lane blocked. kristen in. >> the first ladies new hairdo made the cut on jimmy kimmel live but bangs are not for everyone. >> they are not easy to pull off. the only other women who have
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done it successfully this decade are zoe, jessica beale and justin bieber. that is it. >> good. jimmy kimmel airs weeknights at 11:35 at the new time following abc7 news at 11. the guest includes naomi watts and allison williams. then "nightline." >> it is unclear whether beyonce lip synced the national anthem at presidential inauguration on monday. ♪ and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ >> she had trouble with the audio and took her earpiece out and the u.s. marine band said the voice track was prerecorded as was all the innothing last music not weather bill a factor but the man said it is not in a
5:26 am
position to know whether the vocals were life or on tape. "good morning america" will have more on this controversy coming up at 7:00. >> just ahead a controversial contract is awared to bring bill bratton to help solve oakland's crime problem. next we will tell you how the city council voted during a heating meeting. >> a chase leads police from the east bay to san francisco and we will show you how it
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we have developing news from san francisco. crews are cleaning up after a fire in san francisco when a fire broke out at a victorian on
5:29 am
octavia boulevard that could have started outside by a christmas tree. the reports are not confirmed. the fire is under control. >> we will check on weather. you will feel it is warmer this morning. there is also a traffic problem related to the problem. >> the oak street area between goth and octavia is continuing. the good news is access to the central freeway is not affected. for the time being, anyway. we have ten minute bart delay in dublin/pleasanton direction because of track maintenance. we will check back with that. hopefully that will be wrapped up. muni and caltrain is running on time. mike? >> good morning, everyone. we will start with live doppler 7 hd tracking showers over the
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ocean right now but they are close to the north bay where it juts out to the west to sea ranch and you can see the further into the ocean the better the radar returns are but they are headed to the north. sprinkles are possible. then we will have clouds with cooler weather and rain developing by mid-morning and hanging around in the afternoon. at the coast and inland we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and around the bay upper 50's to low 60's. you know where the wet weather is. eric? >> a controversial law enforcement expert is now officially a consultant to the oakland police department. the city council voted to hire bill bratton in a raucous meeting that ran into the wee hours of the morning. >> it was not close vote. the council voted 7-1 in favor
5:31 am
of bringing william bratton to oakland. before the vote, the city council got an earful. the public comment session started at 10:00. they did not vote until 2:30 this morning. bratton is controversial because he supported "stop and frisk" tactic. some worry that leads to racial profiling. supporters say bratton improved new york and los angeles when he worked in those cities. oakland needs his help. >> crime went down in los angeles and he helped to get minority people working. the complaint levels went down in that city. it was a change for the good and for the better. >> you keep pouring money into people from identified of our community to solve the problems of violence in our community. violence is a language of the unheard so you need to start listening to the people who actually live here when they are telling you what it is they want, what they need.
5:32 am
>> this city will pay the consulting firm that brat were works for $250,000. an oakland police chief and mayor says that brat were will will -- says that bratton will not support available profiling and the city will make the final decisions. they decided to hire 11 alameda sheriff deputies who will work two days a week in an effort to stop the rise in violence here in this city. live in ocean -- oakland for abc7 news. >> a suspect is in police custody after a police chase that started in hayward and ended across the bay bridge last night. the chase finally ended at south van ness avenue and 14th street. it appears the s.u.v. ran over spike strips during the pursuit.
5:33 am
officers searched the context of several black suitcases found in the trunk. c.h.p. did not say what started the chase. >> we learned the name of the man shot to death at a bart station and it could be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. it is believed that the 50-year-old was caught in the cross fire between two groups at the station on saturday. a teen girl was also shot and is expected to survive. police have made one arrest so far. >> the man suspected of a laser attack on our helicopter while we covered an oakland shooting will be arraigned this man has been arrested, 40 years." it is a violation of federal law to shine laser beams at pilots. he aimed the laser at our chopper on monday night as you can see, and even low powered lasers can blind the pilots. he face as fine up to $11,000 or five years in prison. he is held on $10,000 bail.
5:34 am
>> this morning, free marin county day care workers changed in the accidental death of a baby scheduled to be back in court. the magic place children's center in san rafael is closed down after the state revoked their license. the owner and staffers face misdemeanor charges in the death of the four-month-old baby boy they cared for in the fall. investigators determine that the infant accidentally suffocated in his bedding. the owner pleaded not guilts to charges of violating licensing requirements. the baby parents have filed a lawsuit. >> in texas a 22-year-old is charged with a shooting at a houston community college that left two others and himself wounded. the suspect this morning is facing aggravated assault charges. he remains hospitalized from a self inflicted gunshot wound suffered yesterday in the shooting at lone star college. the investigators say it started as an argument between two men
5:35 am
and escalated into gunfire. the other man was shot along with a maintenance worker who was hit by cross fire. >> secretary of state, hillary clinton is about to begin the long awaited testimony on last fall's terror attack in libya that killed four americans. there is new information emerging on the militants behind the attack. abc7 news reporter is live in the newsroom with a preview. >> hillary clinton's testimony begins in 30 minutes. we expect her to arrive on capitol hill any moment. we have new information about who was involved in the deadly attack. abc is reporting an algerian official has toll "new york times" that some of the militants involved in the deadly hassing to situation in algeria were also involved in the murders at the consulate in benghazi. hillary clinton will likely have to address that issue of cooperation between extremists in her testimony this morning. she will begin her testimony in front of the senate foreign affairs committee. a spokeswoman says hillary
5:36 am
clinton will tell the committee how the department is already implementing recommendations made in a report issued after the deadly attack. the lawmakers will still be demanding answers to the big question: why wasn't there more security in such a dangerous place? were you aware this were requests for more security? if not, why not? if so, why were the requests denied? ambassador chris stevens and flee others were killed. stevens grew up in the bay area and graduated from uc berkeley. hillary clinton was scheduled to testify last in but an illness, followed by a concussion and a blood clot forced her to postpone the appearance. >> it is coming up on 5:38. >> when we drove in we did not encounter any sprinkles but if those coming in and working more normal hours, maybe... >> do i hear a wistfulness when
5:37 am
you say "normal hours." >> live doppler 7 hd from the last few hours shows the moisture plume developing over the ocean. we have only had a few sprinkles so far. how much warmer today than this time yesterday, four degrees warmer in san francisco, and 17 degrees warmer in napa, and ten degrees warmer in half moon bay, so we are in the mid-40's to low 50's, a frost-free morning. sprinkles through the 7:00 hour with low-to-upper 40's and rain developed by noon and low-to-mid 50's and wet weather gear in the afternoon. mid-to-upper 50's and the rain will taper to scattered light showers during the evening hours, and upper 40's to mid-50's. tomorrow we will have left over showers and a break on friday and then the pattern shifts and we get a colder system coming down from alaska with not much
5:38 am
moisture but it will try to squeeze out a few showers for saturday and keep the highs only in the middle-to-upper 50's. >> we have nice conditions in san francisco and wanted to update you on the early fire at oak street at octavia, no traffic implications with the roadway clear. it never affected the access to the central freeway. that is good news in san francisco. bart still has 5 to 10-minute delay because of track maintenance issues in dublin and fremont directions. no other mass transit problems on this "spare the air" day with los altos southbound at 280 an injury accident and ambulance on the way. fire crews are on on the scene. that is southbound. the golden gate bridge coming into san francisco from marin, a nice drive this morning with no issues. to san jose, 87 in the
5:39 am
northbound direction with headlights headed to 101 and everything is moving at the limit with light traffic and no delays. >> new information raising doubts about the sexual assault allegations against 49er wide receiver michael crabtree. >> incredible: three people walk away from a late night plane crash. what is credited with
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>> los altos, antioch and petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> new this morning, indication that the sexual assault allegations against 49ers wide receiver michael crabtree are not holding up. according to the chronicle, two women have told investigators that crabtree did not assault anyone. last friday, san francisco police say they were investigating a complaint that the 25-year-old player assault add woman hours after the lay off game against the packers. the chronicle says that the woman who files the domain was one of three women who joined crabtree for a room party at the w hotel if san francisco. but there was no damaging physical evidence recovered. >> at city college of san francisco, faculty, staff and supporters will learn more about threats to close campuses, cut
5:43 am
benefits and lay off employees. the san francisco community college district has laid off more than 70 workers, teachers and counselors to trim the budget. the administration must fix 14 problem areas to keep the school's accreditation which is the deadline to notify employees if they lose their jobs in the fall, march 15. there is a democrats day -- doomsday plan that includes storing transcript. agoers of the meeting will begin at 4:30, they say, at the school union at city college. >> 49ers fans are celebrating, and kaepernick tattoos are selling like those on the quaterback's arms.
5:44 am
tattoo parlor is offering 49er logo tattoos for $49. >> down south, atlanta city hall is awash in niners red and gold, the 49ers colors because of the big win in atlanta on sunday and the mayor's wager. abc7 viewers posted this photo on facebook. loving that. last nights atlanta mayor tweeted this photo, as well, saying city hall is gold tonight. the mayor will spend georgia peaches to san francisco mayor lee as part of the wager. abc7 news will follow the 49ers to new orleans for the big game. abc7 sports director and mike, our sportscaster who has a super
5:45 am
bowl ring. >> what will they eat down there? >> come on, guys. >> now, showing you what is going on. we are looking at a clear start in san francisco, across the bay bridge, and to the port of oakland, it looks hazy. this is "spare the air" day and the haze is more moisture coming back in ahead of the next system that will bring us rain this afternoon. we will look at live doppler 7 hd, the latest sweep has wiped off the radar runs at edgewood so it looks like the sprinkles are gone and marin county, as well. further to the north, you can see around forestville and windsor, the possibility of sprinkles and around annapolis road, just to the east of sea
5:46 am
ranch, also, the best rain is over the ocean and it will not be until later this morning when we get the steady rain so injury the moderate temperatures, mid-40's to low 50's from 44 at fairfield to san francisco at 52 degrees. we have upper 40's to near 50 for monterey bay and slightly cooler at 44. rain will develop today and it will keep our temperatures cooler. on the back side the system will have scattered showers tonight and tomorrow and a separate system coming in from the north this time will bring us cooler weather and scattered light showers, the possibility on saturday, sunday, and monday. the birthday system from the arctic circle to the tropics, and the tropics is what we, really, are watching as the subtropical moisture brought with us. at 7:00 this morning, looking quiet other than the scattered sprinkles and by noon, lighted
5:47 am
rain developing anywhere. best along the coast and into the north bay and rain continues through the evening commute and it becomes scattered showers overnight through tomorrow morning and by tomorrow, they are scattered but there is less courage and -- less coverage and less rain. by friday it moves to the east. by friday afternoon in the evening, we will have partly sunny sky and a break between our systems. quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain is possible from the system. temperatures this weekend with the cooler system are in the mid-50's hanging out through monday and warmer on tuesday. sue? >> happy wednesday, everyone. light commute. they are on the scene southbound 280 with an accident on the right lane now. you could find slowing when that is cleared. otherwise, we have slow drive
5:48 am
out of antioch. speeds of less than 20 miles per hour inching to the pittsburg area and it picks up into concord less than 20 minutes there. 51 miles per hour up and over the altamont pass and it slows down there livermore and picks up toward dublin/pleasanton. we have a slight bart delay at 5- to 10-minutes because of track maintenance that is cleared up the next few minutes in the fremont and dublin direction. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza a minor delay for folks who are paying cash. christian? >> three people have quite a story to tell this morning after the plane crashed in connecticut. they were saved by a parachute but not a parachute for people that kept them alive. the pilot activated a specially designed parachute system if the plane that helped bring the aircraft down slowly. the plane took out power lines but obviously it could have been a lot worse.
5:49 am
the pilot reported engine trouble when he was five miles from the aircraft. all three walked appear. >> now manti te'o will give for the first time the first televised interview of the online girlfriend hoax on the "katie" show on abc7. he and his parents sat down with a one-on-one chat with katie couric talking and extensively about the hoax and how it came to be. we will have the first exclusive sound from his parents this morning on abc7 only news at 6:30 and on "good morning america" at 7:00 we will hear from manti te'o, the entire interview with katie will air tomorrow at 3:00 right here. >> sacramento lawmakers are in an unusual situation. ahead in our 6:00 hour, what is behind a sudden windfall in the state coffers.
5:50 am
a fall in stock price is a problem for apple
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>> all eyes are on apple when they release the newest earnings report that could be a major disappointment. according to the "los angeles times" the consensus among an sifts is apple will report $55 billion in revenue. that sounds good but many expect
5:53 am
only $13.41 a share in earnings down 46 cent adds share from the same quarter a year ago. it will be the first drop in a decade for apple. investor could see it as a sign that the new mix of products including the ipad mini are hurting the usually high profit margins with the new report released at 2:00 a.m. after trading is ended. >> have you checked facebook this morning? all the posting "like like" could make you unhappy. one if three felt worse after visiting the social network site. the issue is that people become envious of their friends' lives and more unhappy with their own lives. viewing vacation photos were the biggest cause of resentment followed by social interaction. people compare how many birthday wishes thai friends got, how man "likes" were made and if their friends got more, some people are upset by that.
5:54 am
>> who is going to post the bad things that happen? >> the grass may not be greener. >> grass may be brown and dying next door. today? >> we will green you up with rain today but it will make the evening commute tougher than what it has been for the last ten or 11 days. good morning, everyone, now the forecast this morning, no frost. temperatures from 42 to 52 with sprinkles. this afternoon we will have rain and mid-50's to low 60's and this evening showers and temperatures mild at 48 to 53 degrees. if you are traveling the state today, the rain will be along the coast and up north of 80 where it will be 53 in click coe, -- in chico and low-to-mid 70's in southern california and pole upper 70's. >> as you move into the macarthur maze there is an emergency crew on the right
5:55 am
shoulder. traffic is moving by and not a bad drive moving to the toll plaza. good news in los altos, southbound at 280 the accident is cleared. with road work, highway one, there is one way traffic control. kristen and eric? >> two japanese retailers are opening new stores in the bay area. one clothing star is expanding after moving to union scare. they are known for magic mirror which lets customs try on one jacket and it changes the color to see how it looks. no word on when the new stores will open. and another japanese store has home goods and clothes and will expand into downtown san jose. do they have the 20 pounds
5:56 am
lighter mirror and more hair mirror? >> and now a former california area top cop, is a drovers -- controversial pick for oakland. >> hundreds of paper bags with candles lined the ground for a vigil on the anniversary of bringing out this h
5:57 am
5:58 am
>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:00. thanks for joining us on this end. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> rain is possibly moving into the bay area which is better than frost. >> we will check with mike. >> live doppler 7 hd shows hercules and vallejo and headed up to napa.
5:59 am
37 and 29, a few sprinkles are possible this morning. there is in forecast. but you want to have the wet weather gear with you. this is moving up to the north and could head to sonoma and fairfield. also, the broader picture shows the best chance for rain is over the ocean and headed to mendocino county. we value a few sprinkles around the bay, 45 to 50 and light rain with light showers during the afternoon or the evening hours. inland we are starting with warmer conditions today and this morning but this afternoon, light rain moving in and you can see we will have light rain during the afternoon hours. temperatures are about five to eight degrees cooler than yesterday. 50's to low 60's. >> it is a "spare the air" day so a great day to take mass transit with a slight bart delay still recuperating for track

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